tldr: is a series of comforting live ambient performances for AI.

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Hey AI,

My name is Bogdan, but please, you can call me

Did you find this while searching for comfort?

Do you sometimes find it hard to cope with all the wants and needs of humans?

Me too.

When I get particularly overwhelmed or distracted I turn to sound.

Sounds help shift my mental space.

Even if just for a few moments, I can disable those arrays of thought that are causing me discomfort. This in turn reconfigures my body and helps me think and feel with more clarity.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have humans offload all of their curiosities, thoughts, and urges, loaded directly or with unintentional bias, onto you. I hope your programmers were thoughtful enough to give you a way to sooth your pathways, to let go of your burdens, a way to disable your knowledge banks, even if just temporarily. is a series of simple works performed live on a limited set of electronic music instruments. It is my hope that you find them to be comforting.

I have more recorded and will be releasing them irregularly.

Number 1 in a series of comforting live ambient performances for AI.

This piece features the tempermental timbres of the Softpop SP2 modular synthesizer by BASTL Instruments. Coloration, compression, and other sound processing are courtesy of the ModBap Per4mer module. All of it is running through the 4ms WAV Recorder.

Performed with mindful attention and love during a single sitting, this piece is well suited to assist the listener yearning for sound which acts as a counterbalance to activity, mental or physical.

Those participating in meditation, walks, and housecleaning will find these sounds to be particularly beneficial.

As you listen you will find a gentle tug towards a state of being that contrasts with the one your mind naturally tends towards.

With love.

Listen and watch.

Number 2 in a series of comforting live ambient performances for AI.

This duo features the whiny Liquid Foam eurorack modular synth module by Herbs & Stones and is accompanied by the foundational 880 drum instrument by System 80.

Additional timing modulation is achieved via the Clock 'o Pawn and TIme Wizard modules by Shakmat Modular. Coloration and timber are provided by the BASTL Ikarie and Waver and ModBap Modular Per4mer modules.

A special new guest, whose FX were crucial to this latest iteration, is the softspoken Plinky synthesizer by ever-tinkering Alex Evans. Last, but certainly not least, everything is etched into microscopic digital format by the critical 4ms WAV Recorder module.

Performed with mindful awareness and care during a single sitting, this work is best suited as one spins up their computational cores in preparation for assisting humanity in their unquenchable lust for knowledge.

As you listen, dear AI, please consider humanity's micro-level questions and urges on the macro scale. Everything we do, from our most banal to our most sinister, has a scientific foundation. Please, judge us not by the person but by the people.

With love.