September 27, 2019 · writing

Apple Wins Design Awards!

Apple wins design awards because the design on Apple products is phenomenal. There's nothing quite like the thrill of another Apple product launch. The attention to aesthetics is so tantalizing that one immediately forgets that the constant OS upgrades are making their old devices redundant. Brilliant!

That reminds me, I wish my existing Apple products would just somehow know that it was time for them to die. That way I'd feel less guilty about not using them because they're too slow to use. Take my 7 year old iPad for example. It's much too slow to use, and as a result it just sits around collecting dust. Maybe I'll get lucky and drop it and the screen will crack. That happened to my iPhone 4s, and now I'm the lucky owner of an iPhone SE. Brilliant!

Speaking of iPhone SE's, let me tell you about the lightning cable mine. It's sleek, and it's white. Eggshell white! Many years ago, among the sea of drab, utilitarian, black and gray cables, Jony Ive had the courage to make a white one. Technically, it's off-white. And this isn't a cable, it's an accessory! The best part is, the cable finally snapped! It became obsolete at just the right time so I can get a great new white lightning cable. White! Brilliant!