Call To Sound

Call To Sound is a lighthouse.

Call To Sound is my way of saying thank you to my supporters and showcasing what can be achieved with the fruits of their inspired engineering.

But most importantly, Call To Sound is a request of you, to participate in doing something about the problems of capitalism, climate, and colonialism.

Don't be intimidated.

Start small.

Chapter 1

Starting is always the hardest part.

Defy, or not defy?

My thought is that your first steps don't have to be uncomfortable. They don't even have to be connected to your end goal.

Why not start with making one small change in your daily routine.

Walk a different route.

Read someone new.

Listen to something new.

As you make tiny changes you might notice yourself breaking from other routines.

Think of it as slowly opening your eyes from a nap; dormant parts of your brain turning back on, activating.

Little by little you will find a way to get involved.

We are all different kinds of people.

You do not have to be loud to be effective.

You will find your place.

Start small.





Chapter 1 would not have been possible without the particular support from Bastl, Landscape, ModBap, Nano Modules, Omni Charge, Shakmat, System 80, Tascam, and last but certainly not least, XOR Electronics.

If you want to collaborate on an upcoming chapter, get in touch.


Over the years I've received kind support and collaboration from a number of independent electronic music instrument makers. Whether by barter or the spirit of comradery and collaboration the sentiment is incredibly supportive, emotionally and practically. Repaying the gesture is difficult to fully express in words. I hope that this series of works expresses my gratitude as well as what can be achieved with these wonderful works of engineering.

The following is a growing list of collaborators, contributors, and conspirators. Enjoy their works, you will be greatly inspired, of that I have no doubt.

Casper Electronics
Clatters Machines
Erica Synths
Herbs & Stones
Making Sound Machines
Music Thing Modular
My Volts
Nano Modules
New Systems Instruments
Omni Charge
System 80
Torso Electronics
XOR Electronics