Modbap Modular Osiris WavPak Sample Pack

Quick: I did a WavPak for the Modbap Osiris Eurorack module.

Artists will do some stupid things at the slightest whiff of opportunity.

Corry Banks, owner of the modular synth company ModBap and podcaster of BeatPpl, reached out to me during the pandemic to ask if I’d … before I even finished reading the email I smashed “yes.”

After I replied I had a look to see what I'd just signed up for. The brief was to create a “WavPak” for the Osiris, ModBap's soon to be announced awesomelator, similar to an oscillator but, well, awesomer.

Little did I know that a week later I’d be driving 2 hours down a dusty country road to buy an ancient Mac Mini so that I could run the alpha version of the app needed to create this WavPak.

There’s no way I’d pass up on this opportunity!

When I say WavPak, I don’t mean your standard sample pack of a few dozen or even 100 samples. I can’t recall if I did 1024 or 4096. It was laborious and time consuming.

There was no way I was going to pass up on this opportunity!

The module came out not too long ago and you can hear the results of my dusty journey and late night tweaking via the link in my bio.

I am chuffed to have been involved in the factory bank. But to be included alongside ess_mtsn of (also the dev on the Osiris), sonicxpansion, and Corry was particularly gratifying.

What an opportunity!

When I witnessed Corry demonstrating all 3 of his creations in person at #superbooth I immediately understood that he had a plan.

ModBap seems to be a vehicle for creating performance-focused modules; arcade button fx (Per4mer), a highly playable, multi-functional bi-fidelity wavetable oscillator with sub wave and VCA (Osiris), and a slick 2 channel mixer with built-in ducking (Transit).

Corry is on a mission to build out the individual parts of his dream production instrument. I’m excited about the journey ahead.

We and our #eurorack #modularsynth performances get a much needed upgrade thanks to ModBap’s unique approach.

Let's buckle up.