Squarp Rample, Nerdseq, Debt

Squarp Rample, Nerdseq, Debt

Recently, I was asked to submit some samples for some modular synth gear by Squarp, makers of the megabrain Pyramid mk3 sequencer. Now that they've launched the pre-order page, I am free to share that it's the Rample sample player.

Squarp Rample Teaser video

Honestly, I'm a bit torn on the movement as a whole. Cables terrify me; I like the thought of simplifying my life with less stuff, not more. But I'd be lying if I said that these machines aren't gorgeous to look at. Squarp's stuff in particular has a great aesthetic with its bold and simple shapes and typography. I'm a nutter for that kind of stuff.

And have you even seen the Nerdseq by XOR???

XOR Electronics - Nerdseq

Come on man, GTFO with that!

Fortunately, I was born at a time when I crossed paths with computers and trackers. Were I unlucky enough to come up during the Eurorack resurgence, I would easily be in severe debt.