Two Renderings

Something interesting is afoot that in one single week I get two messages from folks about rendering two of my tracks in a unique way. I will chalk it up to the full moon.

Emanuel Clenching sequenced a track from myloveilove as a piano thing. I try not to plod on too much about music as though it can be rated out of 10. Art is purely personal, in my humble onion. Yet, this whole era was entirely trepidatious for me, so it all comes rushing back a bit when I hear this rendition.

Emanuel Clenching

Tyler Schoenhals Pratt (Bandcamp) samples bits from a track off of alright! Fun little listen.

Tyler Schoenhals Pratt

I am hugely enthusiastic from time to time on Twitter about the great explosion of music being shared to few ears on Soundcloud / Bandcamp. Many bemoan that there's too much but my only complaint is that I don't have more time to listen to all the wonderful music people are sharing.

Keep on!