98 was the year.

Sweet was being stupid.

Sweet was the innocence of asking my love interest if I could kiss her, via letter, and getting told no.

Sweet was being around in the early dawn of the internet.

Sweet was spending every waking moment making music, to the point that I did it in my sleep, becoming so proficient that my fingers couldn’t keep up with my mind.

Is it any good?

Does it even matter? It’s so old you’d be a fool for passing on a piece of previously unknown Drum and Bass (non-)history. is brash, fast, stupid, embarrassing, youthful, and sweet. is hinged.

In '98 I made the music and recorded it onto tapes to give away to friends. I have no doubt that every copy is now sitting in a landfill somewhere, except for one.

An old friend from back in the day, whose warm relationship I had nearly forgotten about, a diagnosis in itself, when he contacted me out of the blue, took the love not only to save the tape for over two decades, took the love not only to say hi, but also took the time and care to digitize it and share it with me.

Thank you, old friend!

I’d completely forgotten I made any of this music; a true time capsule. Unlike your teenage diary I am showing you mine.

PS - this isn't free because I love you all or because I don't care about money and I'm all about the vibe and the scene and the music or any other absolute nonsense like that. is free for legal reasons.